Hello There, Sunrise!

It’s rare that I wake up in time to capture the first light of the rising sun.  On Tuesday, August 7, I managed to catch it.  Granted I didn’t wake up early for it.

Wait, how’s that possible you ask?  Simple.  I didn’t go to bed the evening of the 6th!

I was up all night playing a game.  Don’t laugh.  Those of you that play video games know how easy it is to lose track of time.  You get busy searching the virtual country side for treasure chests or get involved in a quest and all notion of time goes out the window.  Well that’s what happened.  In fact, I was so engrossed in this game (if you want to know what I was playing, ask and I’ll share) that I probably would have missed the sunrise completely if my stomach hadn’t started trying to devour itself in hunger.

As I paused my game and shuffled out into the kitchen, I looked out the window and saw the beginnings of an awesome sunrise.  I decided to forgo my breakfast for a little while longer, much to my raging stomach’s displeasure, and picked up my camera.

So, kids, the next time one of your parents yells at you for being up all night, just say you were waiting to photograph the sunrise!  I doubt that will work to get you off the hook, but it sounds better than “Get off my back, ma! I was playing a game!” [^_^]

Until next time…




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