Hey There, Huge Spider…[o_O]…


First of all, it’s my brother’s birthday today so let me take a moment to say, Happy Birthday Don!!


Now, those who suffer from arachnophobia probably won’t want to read this post or scroll down to the included image.  But those of you who don’t mind spiders, or think they’re awesome, read on!


This past Friday (August 24th for those keeping track) while I was looking for a cat toy in my back yard (long story), I came across the biggest, hairiest, most colorful, and creepiest spider I had ever seen in my life.


This thing was huge.  Probably an inch and a half to two inches in size, not including the span of its legs!  And, of course, it was building its web right on the side of my house between the shingles and the lattice we have along the foundation (which made weed whacking yesterday very interesting).


I just happened to look up and there it was, inches from my face.  Now, I’m not arachnophobic (I’m not in love with the things either) but seeing that thing so close to my face was quite an unpleasant surprise.  I could have smacked it away from me.  I could have squished the daylights out of it.  But no.  What did I do?  Like a true lover of nature and a true photographer, I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and returned to take a picture of it.


I had never seen this type of spider before, so once I was safely back inside (and after I checked myself over to make sure the thing didn’t hitch a ride on my pant leg!), I searched online for what type of arachnid it was.


With my awesome detective skills, and confirmation from my spider loving friend, Sarah, I found out that it’s a Black and Yellow Argiope, better known as a St. Andrews Cross spider.


*Warning*  Again, if you suffer from arachnophobia, or if you’re prone to nightmares, scroll NO further!







Weird and creepy huh!?  See?  Again, tying into last week’s post, sometimes you find some really interesting things to photograph right in your own backyard!


Until next time…That is, if the spider doesn’t eat my face first…





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