Backyard Photographs…Round 2…

A while ago, in fact it was July of last year, I wrote a post about venturing into your own backyard in search of photography subjects.  I tend to do this a lot when I’m low on funds and the car is thirsty for gas.

If you take a moment to stop and look around your yard, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to photograph.  It could be a tree, a flower, a funny cloud in the sky (remind me and I’ll post a picture I took of a cloud that, to me, resembled something awesome), your house, or even some form of wildlife that wanders onto your property.

To those of you that live in apartments or in the city where you don’t have a yard, this idea isn’t entirely out of the question.  You can still go outside and find some things around your residence that will make for an interesting photograph.

But back to the backyard.  Recently a family of stray cats decided that my yard looked like a cozy place to hunker down for a while.  There is a mother cat who is a beautiful Siamese (why anyone would let her, or any cat, outside, I don’t know), two of her kittens, and every once in a while, the father comes around; a huge grey.

Forgive the quality of this photo, I know it’s a little blurry but that’s because I had to take it through the my back screen door (the kittens were still skittish at this point and would have run away if I went outside).

I’ve managed to win the affections of the mother, the Siamese.  The father is completely feral and takes off when I get within ten feet.  The kittens are also wary like the father, and run to hide in the bushes when I get close.  I’m slowly winning over one (it doesn’t run as far and hide as long as it used to when it sees me), but the other is still skittish.

But, that’s what zoom lenses are for, right?

I was feeling the urge to go out an photograph one day and when I got outside, I noticed one of the kittens playing in the grass.  I got as close as I could without startling the kitten, hunkered down, and snapped a few frames.  I think one of my favorite was this one, when the kitten noticed a little bee on a dandelion.

Remember, when you feel the urge to photograph and either don’t have access to transportation, or travel is just not feasible, take a walk around your yard (or apartment building/complex).  I’m sure you’ll find something to peak your photographic interest.

Until next time…




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