Fall Foliage…FAIL…[-_-]…



As I mentioned last week, I had hoped to get a nice photograph of the fall foliage near my home to share with you folks.  I also said that I would update you on that this week.  Unfortunately, as the title of this week’s post says…I failed.  Or rather, the foliage failed.


Sadly, like the past few years, the foliage around my house and town…well…sucks.  There’s really no other word for it.  It flat out sucks.  Most of the leaves have already fallen, before they even changed.  And those that did change?  Well, the colors are so bland it’s depressing.


But, I always have a camera with me, so maybe the next time I take a little trip, or go hiking (hopefully one, or both, of these happens before all the leaves fall), I’ll find some decent foliage to photograph.


My apologies to those of you (all two of you) that were hoping to see a pretty “fall colors” photograph from me this week.  In lieu of that, and to ease the emotional sting I know you all feel, I’ve included an image I took from my kitchen window of a pretty fall sunrise.  Enjoy!



Until next time…






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