What’s Wrong With This Picture…?

This week’s post is going to be void of photography related things.  I can hear your sighs and laments of sorrow at this news.

But to lift everyone’s spirits some, I’ll share some happy news.  My brother and his fiancé got married this past weekend.  Congratulations you two!

The next day (yesterday to those of you paying attention), was my birthday.  I’m not going to tell you how old I turned.  Like a superhero protecting their secret identity, a lady never reveals her age (or her weight for that matter, so don’t even think about asking!) to the general population.  My family knows (at least, I should hope they know), and my Facebook friends know.  But don’t bother asking them.  I made them all sign confidentiality agreements upon the acceptance of their friend requests.  [-_^]  Just kidding.

So, because it was my birthday yesterday, I didn’t sit down and put much thought into a photography-type post for you folks.  Be happy you’re getting this much today!

I’ll be sure to post something photography related next week.

Deal?  Deal!

And points to you if you read the title of this post, read the post, then looked back at the title and giggled even a little bit.  [-_^]

Until next time…




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