Fun With Photoshop

Every once in a while I find myself sitting in front of my computer staring at an empty inbox or a blank Facebook notification section and I wonder “since my computer’s already warmed up and I have no messages to read and answer, what should I do now?”


Most often, for me, that answer is simple.  Mess around in Photoshop.  Whether it’s editing some photos, trying a new technique I’ve read about, digitally altering a photograph, or creating a digital art piece from scratch, I always forget time and everything else when I start a project in Photoshop.


Recently, I was listening to one of my favorite musicians (I can’t work in Photoshop, or on the computer in general, without music), Blue Stahli (Just a little shout out for you, Bret!), and I created a sci-fi/fantasy-ish piece from one of my photographs.  I always like to photograph the sky, especially when there are interesting cloud formations.  Just such a photograph was the base for this piece.  Blue Stahli inspired the rest.  [^_^]  Enjoy!


Magenta Sky


Even if you don’t know exactly what your doing, Photoshop can be incredibly fun to work with and can yield some interesting results.


PS – Here’s a fun fact for you folks!  This is my 100th blog post!  Huzzah!!


Until next time…






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