Unfortunate Occurrences

Every once in a while, in this modern age of technology, we run into problems.  A computer crashes, a file becomes corrupted, a jpeg goes missing, etc.

Sadly, I’ve experienced all of this and more, more often than I’d like.  Most recently though, I’ve suffered the misfortune of a certain jpeg going missing.  I told you folks before that I enjoy taking photographs of clouds.  Especially clouds that are shaped like something (refer back to my post “When Clouds Look Like Cool Things…).

For a while now (almost a year) I’ve been searching for an image I took of a cloud that was shaped like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek (Yes, I‘m a geek).  Now, being a photographer, it pains me when one of my images goes missing.  Being a fan of Star Trek, I’m doubly hurt by this particular image up and disappearing on me.  I’ll continue to search, of course, but I don’t have much faith that I’ll locate it.  I think it probably got lost in the shuffle when I transferred all my images to new flash drives last year.  [-_-,]  When this kind of thing happens, it makes me paranoid.  What else has gone missing!? [0_0]

Anyway, what’s the moral of this little tale?  Well, we can’t help it when unfortunate occurrences happen.  We just have to roll with the punches.

Until next time…




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