April 1st

It’s that time again.  The day where people run amuck, playing jokes on one another while shouting “APRIL FOOLS!” and laughing maniacally.

I’ll spare you my humorous antics.  Partially because I think April Fools is stupid, and partially because I suck at playing jokes on people.  So, you get a break!

I will, however, share something with you fine folks.  I recently got a new camera.  A Sony DSC-HX20V.  When that box arrived with the camera and the other accessories I ordered, I was like an antsy kid at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning!  I was expecting something a hair better than my faithful DSC-HX9V (which I passed on to my mother), but I was pleasantly surprised to find this little camera packed with cool features and a decent 18 mega pixels.

One of the awesome features in this camera is the painting setting.  This setting makes the picture you take look like it’s a…well…painting (obviously).



Quoddy Photo Painting


Now, I know this can be easily done in Photoshop, but it’s kind of cool to be able to apply the setting right in the field.

Until next time…




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