Unfortunate Occurrences…..Round 3…

My readers know well by now that I like to hike.  Well, I also like to go camping.

*GASP*  What?!  A girl…that likes to camp!?  Impossible!  A mythical creature!!

Well, it’s true.   Usually, by this time of year I would have gone camping at least once or maybe even twice, but sadly, it’s been raining non-stop for the past week and a half now and there’s still no end in sight.  That’s Maine for you.  And, once it does stop raining, I’ll have to wait for things to dry out a little or the mosquitoes will be unbearable.  [-_-]

I’m itching to get out into the wilderness and do some hiking and camping (especially since I picked up some new gear recently).  I’d say screw it and just go camping in the rain, but it’s a little difficult to toast marshmallows while the sky is dumping buckets on your head (and your campfire!).  I’m almost to the point of going Elementary school, pitching my damn tent in my living room, and toasting marshmallows over a sterno stove (I did get a new one for my backpack that I‘ve been meaning to try out…hmm…).

So, until the Maine sky stops being all emo and crying on me, it looks like I’ll be stuck in my house.  At least my little rose plant is still flourishing and giving me new buds to photograph.  Hopefully that’ll be enough to distract me until I can get outside again.

Until next time…




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