Fun With Photoshop…Round 3…

Being stuck inside your house due to bad weather can get real boring, real fast.  Luckily, I have Photoshop to distract me.  Photoshop and a rather extensive archive of photographs to play around with in Photoshop.

While browsing through my archive, I came across a very old photo that I remembered turning into a digital art piece when I first obtained a copy of Photoshop.  I also remembered that quite a while ago, I posted this art piece here on my site in the “Digital Art” portfolio for you, my fine readers, to enjoy.

Now, let’s have a little fun with this, shall we?  The first person that can correctly guess what this started out as (i.e. what the original photograph was), will win.  The prize?  My ever-lasting adoration of your Sherlock Holmes-like skills!  But seriously though, I’ll be awesome and send the winner a signed 4×6 print of this art piece.  [^_^]

Care to try your hand?  Leave a comment!  Let’s see who’s brave enough to take a stab at this.  It’s so simple, it’s tough!

Glass Mandala

Until next time…




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