Stuck In A Funk


I’ve been pretty slack in my artistic photography lately, mainly due to all the rain we had recently (and I hear talk of more on the way [>_<]) and a family issue.  But, like all artists in their artistic endeavors, sometimes photographers get into a funk when inspiration decides to take a vacation…without even sending a postcard.  Thanks for that, muse.  I guess I’ve fallen into that funk recently.  It’s a funk I know well.  A funk I don’t care for.  Though I do like the word “funk”.


I noticed that no one seemed interested in my little challenge last week so I won’t drive down that avenue again any time soon.  But that failed experiment won’t stop me from creating in Photoshop and sharing the results I like with folks (trust me, for every piece I share, there are ten or twenty more that never get to see the light of day).


Sadly, I have nothing new or awesome to share with you this week, my fine readers, and instead of rambling and wasting any more of everyone’s time (I think it’s a little late for that now), I’ll just leave you with a random image I took a long time ago.  It kind of reflects my mood as of late.


Misty Morning


Until next time..


Here’s to hoping I get out of this funk…





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