Rights Of The Photographer

This week’s post is going to be short and to the point as I’m currently dealing with some family issues.

Have you ever wondered just what rights you have as a photographer?  Have you ever been taking pictures somewhere and been stopped by security who then tried to confiscate your camera and/or memory cards?  I’ve been lucky enough not to have been accosted by security guards wanting to pull rank, but I’ve educated myself enough to be ready should that moment arise.   One of the first things you need to do that kind of situation is stay calm.  Next, be respectful even if you’re not being respected.  The worst thing to do is snap back with some aggressive comment when you’re being confronted by a security guard or other authority figure who has an inflated ego and is ignorant to your rights as a photographer.

To learn the basics about your rights as a photographer when photographing in public places, check out this site and download the PDF file.  You may also want to check the local laws of your state for anything governing photography, as well as the laws of any state or country to which you plan to travel.  I also purchased the book listed on this page from Amazon.  It has some good information on not only your rights to photograph but also rights concerning copyright and more.

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