Cat In The Office

I’ve read from numerous sources that the secret to productivity (especially in the case of writers and photographers editing photos) is to keep any and all distractions out of your office space.  That includes staying away from windows with scenic views, keeping parents, spouses/partners, children, and pets out of the room, and not having a TV or music on in the background.

Easier said than done.

I work better with music playing, but that’s not what this post is about today.  I don’t know about anyone else out there, but my cats are like my kids.  They’re spoiled as spoiled can be.  I can’t seem to say no to them when they look at me with those cute little cat faces of theirs.  That’s why when I’m trying to edit a photo, or write, I can’t shut them out of my office space.  For one, they tend to sit outside the closed door and cry (Kenzi in particular), and they’re so used to having the run of my house that they seem insulted and irritated when I close a door in their face (unfortunately for me, this also holds true with the bathroom door!).

My youngest cat, Kenzi, has taken to napping in an inconvenient place in the small portion of my room that serves as my office.  And recently, the newest addition to my cat army, Abby, discovered the same spot.

My laptop case.

I don’t mind if they nap on the case while I’m using my laptop or when my laptop is put away.  It’s when I’m trying to get my laptop into or out of the case while they’re napping that causes issues.  I’m a softie and I don’t like to disturb my pretties when they’re catching up on their beauty rest, but when I have work to do, I have work to do.



Kenzi Napping on my Laptop Case

See what I mean?  She’s just so cute that I can’t bring myself to shoo her away.

Until next time….




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