Flowers On The Sidewalk

A while ago I wrote a post about working with what you have by utilizing your backyard for photography subjects.  If you take the time to look, you can find quite a bit to photograph in the most unlikely of places.

That’s even more true when it comes to a city or town sidewalk.  There is a plethora of photography subjects on a sidewalk from the sidewalk itself to architecture, people, objects, and flora on the sidewalk.

Recently I took a trip to my hometown and the neighboring town and while walking along the sidewalks, I passed several potted plants and flowers, some of which I can’t name (hey, I’m no botanist here!).  Luckily, like every dedicated photographer out there, I had my camera on me and ready to go.  I managed to capture a few decent shots before moving on to my destination.

Here’s one.


Flowers on the Sidewalk

Keep an eye out while you’re walking down the street, folks.  You never know what you’ll pass by if you’re not paying attention.

Until next time…



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