Abstract America

I wish I could say all my plans for my birthday last week worked out, but alas they didn‘t.  I did manage to have a picnic at the beach and a fire in my backyard fire pit on the day of my birthday.  But, my plans to go camping the week before my birthday were ruined since the state park I always go to when I want to go camping was closed due to the idiotic government shutdown.  On top of that, the second picnic I had planned for the day after my birthday, sadly didn’t go according to plan either.  [-_-,]


But, speaking of the idiotic government shutdown, and to celebrate the end of it, I thought I would post this image I took of some embers from my little birthday bonfire.  There was no manipulation involved of either the embers or the photograph.


Abstract America

Doesn’t the shape look a lot like the United States?  It was completely random and you all know I like random!


Until next time…






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