Sunrise Through The Fog


I always stop for a moment to take a look outside when I get up in the morning to feed my cats.  Once, I’m sure loyal readers will remember, I was rewarded when I saw a deer saunter into my yard.  A while ago, while I was feeding my cats, I looked out the window to see a dense morning fog shrouding my house.  While my little furry friends ate, I watched as the sun began to rise through the fog.  It was a cool sight.  So what did I do?  What every photographer does when they see a cool sight.  I grabbed my camera, stepped outside, and took a few shots.


This is what I came away with.


Autumn Sunrise


Don’t let things like cloudy days and fog deter you from getting outside and photographing the world around you.  Make a hindrance into an opportunity.


I’d like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and fun Halloween/Samhain.  And to my Spanish friends/readers, on November 2nd, Happy Dia De Los Muertos!


Until next time…






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