Fall Foliage Fail….Again…

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween/Samhain as well as a lovely Dia De Los Muertos last week!


The past few years have been horrible where fall foliage is concerned here in my little corner of Maine.  Either the leaves turn and are bright for a day then fall immediately, the wind rips the leaves from the trees before they have a chance to turn, or the leaves turn drab muted colors.


So, needless to say, my search for the perfect fall foliage shot has come up empty this year.  I was lucky to find a few decent trees while on a hike last year, but so far, this year, nothing.  I’m still hoping I’ll come across a tree with vibrantly colored leaves on my travels, but I‘m not holding my breath.


To those of you out there who have nice fall foliage where you live, enjoy it.  To those of you out there who are staring at drab leaves, or no leaves at all…I know your pain.

Until next time…






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