Stocking Up For Winter

It always interests me how nature works and how animals know better than we do the changing of the seasons.

Not long ago I noticed two of my cats sitting in my kitchen window staring intently at something.  I took a glance at the tree in my front yard and watched a little squirrel scurry up the tree then come back down a minute or so later with a pine cone in its mouth.  It ran over to a spot on the lawn and buried the pine cone.  Then, it ran back up the tree for another.  It repeated this process several times and entertained my cats for a good ten minutes.  Looks like winter is on its way and this little ball of fur is stocking up.

Stocking Up For Winter

Forgive the blurriness in this image, I took it through my kitchen window which could stand to be cleaned a little more often than it is.

Until next time…




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