Cat In The Office…Round 2…

Last year I mentioned in a post that one of my other interests outside of photography is writing.  I recently began planning out a new writing project, but last week my biggest error was sitting down in the evening to work on said project.  Evening is when my youngest cat craves my attention.  My undivided attention.  And, like all of my cats, she tends to get her way.

I had the tools for my project laid out on my desk ready to go and just as I sat down and started to work, this is what happened…

Craving Attention

Now, I love my little grey ninja monkey as I love all my cats, and I really don’t have the heart to close her out of the room when I want to work, but I think I just might have to start.  Either that or I’ll have to force myself to start working during the day when she’s off in another part of the house playing or napping with the other cats.  It just sucks for me that the creative flow tends to hit me when the sun goes down, just when she wants my attention the most.  Oh well.  I’m sure everything will sort itself out sooner or later.

Anyway, this Thursday is Thanksgiving so I’d like to wish everyone out there a happy, safe, and healthy Thanksgiving.  Don’t eat too much!!  Oh, and happy Hanukkah too!

Until next time…




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