Calendar Project?

The past few years, I’ve been flirting with the idea of making and selling a calendar.  Though, I’ve been having some trouble with this project.  One, I’m not sure how well a calendar of my photography would be received by consumers, and two, I’m having a tough time selecting twelve photographs to go into said calendar.

Obviously, this late in the year, should I put this idea into action, there won’t be a calendar for 2014.  But, if people are interested, I would probably shoot for a 2015 calendar.

Some feedback from my readers on this idea of mine would be welcome and greatly appreciated.  Would any of you, dear readers, be interested in an Audrey May Photography calendar?  If so, what are some images you would like to see in the calendar?  Feel free to leave comments here on my site, on my Facebook page, or send them to me in an email.  I’m interested to hear opinions on this idea.

Until next time…




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