Adventures In Writing

Not that many of my readers care much about my writing beyond what I splash across your computer screens here on my blog, but I just wanted to share the lovely news with someone…anyone.

I’ve completed my second round of editing on my novel!

Why is this lovely news? I’m so freaking glad you asked!  It’s lovely news because after one more edit, I should be able to hand my manuscript off to my former professor and good friend for his notes/semi-final edit.  Then, once that’s done, I can hand it off to my first reader who might even be awesome enough to do a few pieces of artwork for my novel.  Then, once that’s done, I might be able to go on to get it published!

I’m about half way to publication.  And trust me, half way is a lot further than I was last year so I‘m stoked!

So, if anyone’s interested in reading a sci-fi novel born from my strange yet epic brain, keep an eye out for more updates!

Until next time…




2 responses to “Adventures In Writing

  1. I understand how you feel, getting through editing is a great feeling!


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