Lunar Eclipse

So, last week on Monday night/Tuesday morning a total lunar eclipse happened.  It was a Blood Moon.  What’s a “Blood Moon” you ask?  Don’t worry, it’s nothing bad, it’s nothing out of a horror movie, it’s just called that because of the way the light reflects off the moon, giving it a red hue.

I’m sure people have heard about it, saw articles online, maybe even went outside and watched, but I figured I’d show my readers a few of the shots I took.

Now, I wasn’t able to capture the red hue to the moon, and, sadly I wasn’t able to capture the entire eclipse.  About halfway to the peak of the eclipse, the clouds rolled in and obscured everything.  Unfortunately for me, that’s what typically happens in my neck of the woods when there’s some kind of celestial event going on.  I’ve missed every meteor shower that’s happened since I’ve been alive (no joke), I’ve missed numerous lunar eclipses, I’ve missed comets, I’ve never seen a falling star (again, no joke), and every time the aurora borealis is supposed to be visible, the sky is swallowed up by clouds.  But, I’ll count my blessings and be thankful I was able to witness this much.

Blood Moon Eclipse 1

Blood Moon Eclipse 2

Blood Moon Eclipse 3

Keep your eyes on the sky!

Until next time…




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