The Grass Is Greener…

…In my front yard, apparently.

This past Thursday, I happened to look out my window around dusk and saw two brown deer in my front yard.  I think they were the same two I saw a few weeks ago when the third deer, the albino, was also here.

Speaking of the albino, she showed up again too.  Like I thought, the three weren’t together because the albino chased the other two off…twice.  But they came back…twice.  So, I guess there’s something good about my lawn.

Not only did the deer come back repeatedly, but when I woke up in the morning to feed my cats, the two brown deer were still in my front yard!  That interested my cats.  Two of them climbed into the window while I was trying to take a few pictures.

To escape my cats’ interference, I took a chance and stepped out onto my porch for a better picture.  I expected them to bolt the minute they heard my front door open, but the larger of the two just perked up a little, looked at me, then went right back to nibbling on the grass.  Here are two of the better images I got (I was still half asleep at the time).


Two Deer in My Front Yard


Deer In My Front Yard


They’re such pretty animals.

Until next time…




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