I Fail…

…at sticking to self imposed schedules.

It was my idea/goal to have my final edit of my novel done by the start of May.  I had all of April to work on it.  But did I?  Yes and no.  Mostly no.  I printed out the prologue and the first fifteen chapters.  I edited the prologue and the first chapter.  Wow.

So, here it is, already the fifth of May (Happy Cinco de Mayo to those who celebrate it!), and I’m way behind.  I had hoped to get my editing done so I could hand my novel off to my friend/former college professor/editor for his notes.  Looks like that won’t happen before the university’s semester ends and he takes off for whatever adventures he has planned for the summer.  And, unless I can pull a miracle out of nowhere by finishing this in a week, and catching him before the college semester ends, there goes a whole summer.  I’ll try to pull off this miracle, but it’s…as they say in England…Not bloody likely!!

So, I’ll just have to bite the bullet on failing to obtain my goal, finish my editing, set this novel aside until the university’s fall semester starts up, and just dive into the next book in what I hope will be a trilogy at least.

Wish me luck, folks, I need it!

Until next time…




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