Even though I’m one of those…you know…adults, I still like to play with toys now and then. Except, now, the only difference is, I take pictures of my escapades through toy land and call them “photo projects”. Well I’ve done a lot of “photo projects” and I have a lot of “photo projects” in mind for the future.


This doesn’t make me weird or childish. It makes me imaginative and epic! [-_^]


For example, my most recent trip to the beach yielded this (which I plan on making into a series)….


You’re welcome. d_[^_^]



Red Ninja In A Shell



Don’t be afraid to have fun, be silly, or to play with toys as an adult. Defy the norms! Especially when society tries to tell you that playing with toys is “inappropriate for someone your age.”



Until next time…




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