New Trail….Fail…

Where last time I won where trails were concerned, this week I failed.  I’m not sure if I can blame it on the trail or if I should blame it on the day/circumstances.

Recently, I checked out another new trail (again, one I’ve driven right past for several years and never knew it existed).  This time it was the Norse Pond trail between Cutler and Whiting.

First of all, it was an extremely hot and humid day.  Strike one.

Second, there were several people on the trail behind me.  Strike two.  (I always feel like I’m being pushed down a trail when there’s someone behind me)

And third, the black flies were relentless even though I nearly drown myself in bug repellant (the strong DEET stuff, too).  Strike three.

For as sucky as the experience was, I won’t write the trail off completely just yet.  I’ll wait a while though, put it in the archives, and try it again later on in the fall when it’s cooler, the bugs are less prevalent, and the kids are back in school.  Who knows? On a better day, under better circumstances, I might actually like the trail.  It did have a nice little patch of beach after all.

I did happen to see some HUGE prints in the mud which I can only assume were from a moose.  I’m talking HUGE!



Here’s to hoping the next new trail I explore will yield better results!

Until next time…




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