New Trail…Meh…

This past week I hiked yet another new trail.   I have mixed reactions about this one.

It was called the Ridge Trail in the Bog Brook Cove Preserve along the Cutler coast.  An 1100ft handicapped accessible “trail” takes you from the parking lot out to a little ocean overlook (there’s also a small trail from this point that can take you down to the beach which was awesome).

Off to the left, before reaching the beach was the Ridge Trail.  The trail splits in two directions to either take you up a small ridge (hence the name “Ridge Trail”), or around the base if you’re not feeling a climb.  I went up the ridge and the views were pretty awesome.  Definitely worth the climb in my opinion.

Ridge View Panorama

After descending the other side of the ridge, I decided to check out the remainder of the trail (which was a little over two miles round trip).  That’s where I started to dislike the hike.

It was another hot day, though by the water and on top of the ridge there was a nice cool breeze, but further along the trail, into the woods, the breeze disappeared and the horseflies and mosquitoes took its place.  Plus, there were several downed trees across the trail that I had to try and climb over/under in order to continue.  At one point, there were several trees down in a row and I said “screw it” and turned back.

I headed back to the beach and luckily the tide was on its way out so I was able to climb out on some rocks and have lunch.  While in the midst of my lunch, I noticed something odd in the trees.  It looked like a chimney but there was no house.  After I was done my lunch, I went to investigate and found that it was indeed a chimney (probably the reason they call the second trail in this spot the “Chimney Trail”).

Old Chimney

I’m definitely putting these trails on my list of places to go back to in the fall when it starts to cool off and the bugs take a hike (so to speak).  I think I’ll like it a lot better if the air is cooler and I can move five feet without twenty mosquitoes biting me in spite of all the bug spray I wear.

Until next time….




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