Rocket Raccoon For The Win



No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with Guardians of the Galaxy (though I do want to see the film), but the title got your attention, didn’t it? d_[^_^]


Anyway, one day last week I came home to find this….


Bent Birdfeeder Poles


I was freaking out, wracking my brain trying to figure out who or what could possibly have done it. Then, recently, I found my answer.


Raccoon 1


This little bandit decided to not only steal the suet I put out for the birds, but also the entire cage it was in and the hook I used to hang the cage! Then! He (or she, I’m not sure) came back the next night and went after the other bird feeder I have out. The smart little bugger pulled the feeder down, pulled the sticks that the birds perch on out of it, pulled the cap off, and ate every single seed in the feeder and every single seed that fell out onto the ground.


Raccoon 2


I guess he doesn’t understand that I put out bird seed for the birds!


Raccoon=2, Me and my bird feeders=0



Until next time…






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