Faerie Houses


Recently, on one of my hikes at Quoddy, I stumbled upon what’s known as “Faerie Houses.”


What are “faerie houses”? So glad you asked!


Faerie houses are typically little mounds of earth, either moss or mud covered, that look, in my opinion, kind of like Hobbit holes. People tend to make little stone walkways leading up to these mounds and some even go a step further by making doors and even awnings above. But some people build faerie houses from scratch using natural materials they find such as bark, stones, shells, etc. Some even go all out and build fancy two-story houses, complete with doors windows, and little gardens.


Some people view faerie houses as simple little nature projects, but others believe faerie houses attract spirits or “faeries”, and that by decorating and adorning them they become pleasing enough to faeries that it invites them to live there which will bring the faerie’s favor to the house‘s creator.


Whatever you choose to believe, you have to admit, faerie houses are pretty cute, even the most simple ones.


Fairy House 1


Keep an eye out when you‘re in the woods exploring. You never know when you might stumble across a faerie house!



Until next time…






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