A Winter’s Worth Of Snow

It’s nothing out of the ordinary here in Maine to see a foot or more of snow fall in a single storm.  But it seems like we’ve been hit with an entire winter’s worth of snow in just a few weeks.  There’s been a storm almost every other day, dropping anywhere from five inches to over two feet of snow at once.  And cold… Don’t get me started on how cold it’s been.


Anyway, during the most recent storm that passed through my neck of the woods, I happened to look out my window and see a raven perched on a tree across the road.  I thought he (or she) looked pretty neat sitting at the peak of the tree with snow falling all around it.


Raven in a snowstorm


If you live in a region that doesn’t see snow on a regular basis (or at all), consider yourself lucky.  I could use some sun right about now.



Until next time…




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