A Cold Day At The Beach


Yes, you read the title of this post correctly.  A few days ago, I ventured to the beach.  We had a brief respite between storms in my little corner of Maine, so I decided to get out and get some fresh air.  The snow was too deep to go hiking, even with snowshoes, so I figured the beach would be a safe bet.  It was cold, but not too bad.


When I got there, the snow drifts around the stairs (every set of stairs) to the beach was thigh deep.  I found that out when I tried to trudge through.  I made it, though, and carried on.  The beach itself was clear due to the tides, so I had no trouble walking along.


I took quite a few photos of ice formations on the rocks at the far end of the beach.  The icicles hanging over the edges made little caves that reminded me of Hoth (major nerd points if you get the reference).


Icicles at the Beach


Just as I was getting ready to head back to my car, I saw a woman and her dog walking along the beach toward me.  Luckily, the dog was extremely friendly (I’ve had my share of run-ins with dogs of the not-so-friendly persuasion) and well behaved.  Her name was Lexi Rose…the dog, that is.  Her owner told me that Lexi was a rescued Borzi better known as a Russian Wolfhound, and that she was only seven months old.  Seven months old and she was already almost up to my hip (and I’m a pretty tall girl).


Lexi Rose


So after taking a few pictures of Lexi (with permission, of course), and chatting a little with her owner, I headed back to my car, stopping to take a few other shots of ice encased seaweed and shells.


So, in spite of getting a minor sun/wind burn on my face, it was a rather pleasant day.


Don’t be afraid to visit the beach on nice days during the winter months, folks.  It may be cold, but it’s a whole new twist on familiar scenery.



Until next time…




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