April Showers

When they said “April showers brings May flowers” I don’t think they were talking about snow. Yet, that’s what we got in my corner of Maine. Not only do we still have a bunch of snow (a few feet in some places), but we received dustings two days in a row over the weekend.


The chickadees are annoyed by it, the ravens are annoyed by it, I’m sure all the other wildlife are annoyed by it, and I’m annoyed by it. But what annoys me most about spring isn’t the random snow showers we get (sometimes well into the middle of April), it’s the mud that comes from the snow melting. It makes a few of my favored hiking trails pretty nasty in the spring. Almost impassable actually.


But I don’t go by the calendar to judge when spring has arrived. I actually think I mentioned this before, but I say spring is here when the flowers start to bloom and my lawn needs to be mowed for the first time of the year. And, well…we’re not there yet.


In the meantime, here’s something funny for you folks to gawk at. I stumbled across this (almost literally) during a hiking trip to Quoddy last month. I should have used my snow shoes. The snow was so deep that it nearly enveloped all the benches along the trailhead. But, someone didn’t let that stop them…



Butt Print in the snow


Until next time…






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