Loss Is The Hardest Thing


Anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet, especially a pet who was more like a member of the family than just a pet, knows how hard it can be to deal with that loss.


I mentioned earlier this year that my best friend of nearly 17 years, my cat Tigger, passed away in January.  Tomorrow will mark three months that she’s been gone and I’m still finding it difficult to accept.  It still doesn’t feel real in a way, like I’m going to wake up some morning and find her napping in one of her usual spots.


And looking back through all the pictures I have of her, it makes me even more sad.  I have several photographs, but so few of them are actually good, clear, and proportioned.


Saying farewell, be it to a friend, a family member, or a beloved pet, can be one of the hardest things any of us has to do in our lives. That’s why I prefer not to say “goodbye” but “until we meet again.” It’s still difficult to deal with loss like this but I choose to hang onto the belief and hope that our souls reincarnate and that, in the next life, we’ll meet our loved ones who went before us.



Tig on Purple



Rest in Peace, Tigger.  I will always love you.

Rest in Peace, Tigger. I will always love you.



Until next time…






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