Go Away, Snow…


According to the calendar it was officially spring last month.  I guess no one told the snow.  There’s still quite a bit of it hanging on in my state, especially on the hiking trails.


Last week I went hiking only to encounter this…



PMWR - Birch Point Trail Snow


It may not look like much but this snow was up to my knees.  And it was so soft that even my snowshoes didn’t help.  Crazy, huh?  Snowshoeing in April.


But, that same day, I ended up over at the beach near where I live.  It was cold because of the wind, but there wasn’t much snow around and none on the beach itself.  While walking, I met this little guy.  His name is Tuffy (or Toughy, I’m not sure how his owner spells it).  Funny, because he’s not tough at all!  But, he’s cute.




Hopefully the snow will get the message that it’s spring so I can hike my favorite trails without having to struggle through knee deep snow or use my snowshoes.  It’s mid April for crying out loud!




Until next time…






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