Beach Finds


This past Thursday, I woke up early and went over to the beach since the tide was going to be out.  My walk started off pretty good.  It was cold, but the beach was deserted.  On my way back to my car, I happened across something rather disturbing that had washed up onto the beach, wrapped up in seaweed.  Now, I won’t tell folks what it was because I, myself would like to forget I ever saw it, but let’s just say it wasn’t something native to the ocean, and it was sad to see.  [-_-]


Instead, let’s focus on some of the nice things I’ve come across while walking the beach.  Like this little dude…


Beach Snail


Keep an eye out for these little guys when you walk on a beach at low tide, folks.  Sometimes they’re hard to see, but it’s easier if you keep a lookout for their little trails.



I hope none of you ever come across what I came across last Thursday.



Until next time…






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