Sunning Snake


I recently went hiking on the trails of the state park close to my house.  It was a pretty nice day, until I got to the usual spot where I stop to have lunch (I always pack a lunch when I go hiking [^_^]).  As I sat down to enjoy my lunch, the clouds started rolling in and the wind picked up making it super cold.  Then, as I started off to finish the rest of the trail, the sun came back out and the wind died down.  Such is my luck.


Anyway, at one point near the end of the trail, I noticed this little bugger sunning itself on one of the bridges over a muddy area.  I’m super stoked I managed to catch its tongue scenting the air!




Keep your eyes peeled while you hike, folks.  It’s easy to miss little snakes like this that come out to sun themselves in the middle of trails.



Until next time…






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