What The…!? Oh Hell No!


Recently, as I was working on my computer, one of my cats, Kenzi, was sitting on my windowsill and suddenly took off into the hall.  Typically, when one of them does that, it’s because they see something in my yard and are chasing it to another window in the house to watch it.  That wasn’t the case this time.


After Kenzi ran out of my room, I heard her in the hall growling.  Not wanting there to be a fight between her and one of my other cats, I went to see what her problem was.  When I stepped out into the hall, Kenzi was crouched down with her ears back and her tail swishing back and forth.  She was looking at my other female cat, Abby.  So, I looked too.  At first, it didn’t register what I was seeing, I thought Abby had found some kind of green cord to play with (which confused me because I have nothing like that lying around the house), but when it started flailing around, I realized that it was a little garden snake.  A snake…in…my…house…!  [O_O]


Now, I’m not afraid of snakes, but I’m not fond of them either.  Though, I was pretty surprised to find one in my house and what freaked me out was the fact that I didn’t know how (or when) it got in.  But, Abby, my good little hunter, caught it for me, and Kenzi let me know.  Luckily, I got to Abby before she could kill and eat it.  I grabbed a plastic shopping bag and picked the little guy (or gal) up.  I got this photo before I went outside and released the snake into the bushes on the other side of my yard.


Garden Snake


Now I’m paranoid about snakes getting into my house.  But, I’m confident that if one does, Abby will catch it and Kenzi will let me know.



Until next time… Beware of snakes!






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