Stuck In A Rut



I don’t know about any of you, my dear readers, but every now and then, I find myself stuck in a rut. Mostly it’s creativity related, but sometimes I look at my surroundings and think, “I need to change this s#!t around.” And by that I don’t mean getting out of the house for a “change of scenery,“ I mean, physically rearrange the furniture kind of change. So, recently, that’s what I did. I completely rearranged my space. And because I got into this mode (it actually took me several days to even figure out a new layout that would actually work), I didn’t really spend much time on my photography, or my writing. My writing has been suffering long before I got into this little “have to change my space” rut, but that’s a whole other headache of a story for never.


Anyway, I apologize that I don’t have any story or words of wisdom to share with you folks this week, but here’s a picture from my archives for you to enjoy… So… Enjoy!


Two Fawns that were in my front yard with their mother!

Two Fawns that were in my front yard with their mother!




Until next time…






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