Internet Snafu And Foliage Fail



Apologies for the lack of a blog post last Monday, folks.  I had some issues with my internet service.  [>_<]


Anyway, I went hiking a few weeks ago looking for some late blooming foliage but it seems I waited too long.  I expected the more sheltered trails (trails through deeper woods instead of along a road or the coastline) to still be vibrant.  I’m sure some were, but just not the one I chose.  Just my luck.


I went back to one of my favorites, my old stand-by, Quoddy.  Instead of hiking along the coastal trail, I chose to go through the inland trail and loop back on the coastal trail.  I was disappointed because all the trees except the pines were bare.  Though, my shots still looked “autumn-y” because of the settings I used on my camera.




Quoddy Inland Trail 1


Quoddy Inland Trail 2



Until next time…






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