Hunting Season Sucks

Since we’re well into hunting season (I’m not a hunter, nor am I a supporter of sport hunting), it’s not really safe for me to go hiking at most of my favorite spots.  For some reason, hunting is allowed in my local state park and within 300 feet of the trails I hike.  So, instead of risking being shot in order to hike my favorite local trails (sometimes even wearing blaze orange from head to toe won’t help you), I’ll either have to be patient and wait out hunting season or go somewhere where hunting is prohibited.  The latter will be difficult as I mentioned.  There’s even a wildlife sanctuary where I tend to hike that allows hunting at this time of year.  How backwards is that?  Hunting in a wildlife sanctuary?  Not much of a “sanctuary” then, is it?

Anyway, to appease my readers looking for new photographs each week, I’ll leave you folks with a shot I took a while ago at Screw Auger Falls.  Enjoy.

Screw Auger Falls in Autumn

Until next time…




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