This coming Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the US. A day when we gather with loved ones, be it family or friends or any combination thereof, and give thanks for what we have and what we’re fortunate enough to have had. I don’t know why the “giving of thanks” is only limited to one day a year. We should be thankful every day.


That being said, I would urge folks to not spoil the warm fuzzy feelings that Thanksgiving brings by going out the next day and participating in the havoc wreaking for pointless material gain called “Black Friday.” Trust me, no matter how exciting the latest gadget may seem, it’s really not worth it.


This particular Thanksgiving (and subsequently, Christmas next month) is going to be particularly difficult for me and my family as it will be our first holiday without a significant member of our little unit (those of you who follow my blog might remember me mentioning a tragedy that befell my family a few months ago…). So, folks, be extra thankful for family. You never know how much time you’ll have with them.


I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. And remember, the holidays aren’t about anything material, they’re about…




Beach Art - Family




Until next time…






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