That Maine Weather



We have a saying here in Maine, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Meaning, the weather can be one thing one minute and do a complete 180 the next. That’s kind of how it was this past weekend.


Friday, it was in the low 50s (it hit 51º in my corner of Maine which was a state record for this time of year) with sun and no snow at all. That all changed on Saturday.


While we didn’t get hit as badly as places a bit south of us (like DC and Boston), we did have some ice and at least six inches to a foot of snow dumped on us in a matter of hours with more predicted in the next few days.


So, we went from no snow at all…


Snowless Quoddy Trail


To a bunch of snow and ice …


Icicle in a Pine Tree


Gotta love that ever-changing Maine weather.  d_[^_^]





Until next time…






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