Unexpected Trail Guide



Recently, yesterday in fact, I went hiking with my parents on yet another new trail network.  The Eagle Hill Trails in Steuben, Maine.  Well, I can’t attest to how new the trail itself was, it was just new to me since I never knew of its existence until this past weekend.



Anyway, it was a two mile network of trails winding through woods, blueberry fields, and along the coast.  The trails are part of a campus called Eagle Hill Institute and I was thoroughly impressed with how well they were marked.  I’ve hiked some poorly marked trails and this puts the trails I previously thought were marked well to shame.



Upon arriving, we were greeted by the director of the institute, George.  He provided us with a trail map and pointed us in the direction of the trailhead.  This is where it got super funny.



As we were heading toward the trailhead, a white dog that had to have been part Husky (I adore Huskies), came around the side of a shed, tail wagging.  George introduced us to 15 year old Bonnie.  I figured the introduction would have ended with a pat on her head from me and my parents and a sniff or two from Bonnie, but she decided she was going to lead us along the first portion of the trail.



I never had a trail guide before, let alone a canine guide.  It was hilarious.  She would run ahead a few steps, stop, turn, and bark at us to follow.




Bonnie the Trail Guide



Sadly, Bonnie didn’t stay with us throughout our entire hike.  It was either the fact that we didn’t take the path she wanted us to take, or she got bored with me stopping to take pictures every once in a while.  She ended up turning back and leaving us to fend for ourselves.  But, we met up with her again when we got back to our car.  She circled us, sniffing, and wanting attention, then she stood in front of our car, not wanting us to leave.  Silly dog.  [^_^]








Overall, it was a pretty nice little hike and I’m sure I’ll be returning to these trails come warmer weather.  Hopefully Bonnie will still be there to greet me.




Eagle Hill Institute Trails - Border Trail





Until next time…







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