Happy Leap Year


February 29th. Leap Year. I had no idea this year was a Leap Year. I don’t tend to follow that kind of thing. I’m so out of the loop when it comes to that, that at first, when I saw February 29th on my calendar, I actually thought it was a misprint! [^_^] I fail.


Happy Leap Year, and Happy Birthday to all the Leap Year babies out there!


Anyway, I went hiking a while ago, as I tend to do, and on one of the trails, there’s a bog area. The bog was still covered in a layer of ice even though a majority of the snow in my portion of Maine is already gone. I kept hearing these funny sounds radiating from under the ice. I can’t even describe the sound, it was so strange. But, it’s not the first time I’ve heard it. I’m assuming it was the result of a beaver family moving around and calling to each other under the ice since there was a beaver den on the far side of the bog. Sadly, I didn’t see any of them. I’ve never been able to catch a photo of a beaver in the wild (or, anywhere for that matter). It’s on my photograph bucket list along with several other animals (a moose being one of them).


But, I did manage to take a kind of artsy photo of a group of branches from a downed tree sticking up from the ice. The way the sun was shining and with the coloring of the ice and branches, it looks like the photo was taken in black and white, but it wasn’t.




Sticks in the Ice





Until next time…






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