Think She’s Comfy?

It’s been a long running joke between me and my parents that our house isn’t really ours, that it really belongs to our cats and they just let us live there to act as their staff; cleaning their messes, feeding them, and fulfilling roles as furniture for them.

It may be a joke, but there’s a huge grain of truth in it. I mentioned before that whenever I get a new soft blanket, it doesn’t remain mine for long as one of my cats confiscates it.

Whenever I get up from wherever I was sitting one of the two female cats steals my seat. It happens with my desk chair (which can be really annoying especially if I’m just getting up from writing in order to stretch for a moment or use the bathroom), my chair at the kitchen table, my spot on the couch, another chair in the living room, even my bed.

Kenzi is typically the culprit, but Abby does the same thing too…



Think She's Comfy




Think she’s comfy enough?


Until next time…




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