Geocoin Drop


Apologies that this week’s post has arrived a day late. I spent the past few days helping my mother do yard work and only now have I had a moment to catch my breath.
A few weeks ago I went hiking with a mission. I’d found a geocoin while geocaching (if you don’t know what geocaching is, I’d suggest you read up and join the fun, it’s awesome! Go here quite some time ago and while looking up the coin’s tracking number on the geocaching site, I found out that it originated in Texas and the owner of the coin wanted it to make its way to Canada.
I was able to make that possible.
I traveled to Campobello, GPS in hand (though I ended up not even needing it to find the cache. I remembered where it was!), and hiked out to my favorite cache location on the island. The Sunsweep sculpture.
I proudly deposited the coin in the cache (after taking a few pictures of course) and enjoyed the view before heading home.



Trackable Coin and the Sunsweep Sculpture



I’m glad I was able to contribute and get a geocoin to its destination.




Until next time…




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