Random Funny Memories


I don’t have a new photo to share with you folks this week but I do have a little story. One I find funny.

Have you ever been randomly reminded of something funny that you saw/heard/experienced days, weeks, or even years ago? That happened to me just this past weekend.

I was sitting at home Saturday morning watching the new Transformers series, “Robots in Disguise.” Yes, I still watch Saturday morning cartoons. This should come as no surprise to my more regular readers. You should know well by now that I’m a nerd/geek/child-at-heart.

Anyway, I’m watching Transformers and they mentioned Bumblebee (as they do in every episode) and it got me thinking of something hilarious that happened a few years ago.

I was in the parking lot of a Walmart on my way into the store when I heard a little boy start yelling excitedly. I looked over my shoulder to see a young couple not much older than myself and the little boy who was pointing a few rows over.

The conversation went like this:

Boy: (pointing and tugging on his father‘s hand) “Dad! It’s Bumblebee!”
Father: (following the child’s gaze and laughing) “Dude, that’s not Bumblebee.”
Boy: (voice rising in excitement) “Yes it is! It’s Bumblebee! Let’s go see him!”
Father: (still laughing and trying to drag the child toward the store) “Dude, I told you it’s not…”

While chuckling to myself, I looked in the direction the little boy was pointing and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Yes. I had a literal “lol” moment. Parked a few rows away was a yellow Camero with black stripes, just like Bumblebee’s car mode in the Transformers movies.

Hilarious! That kid was so adamant that car was really Bumblebee! Future geek in the making!

Anyway, stay nerdy, folks!



Until next time…




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