I’m Skeksi And I Know It


Forgive the title of this post.  I took a shot at humor.  If it hit the mark, stellar.  If not, meh.


Anyway, the title, funny or not, does relate to this post’s content so get ready for some geekery!

I went hiking recently and after I stopped to have my picnic lunch (I always pack a lunch when going hiking), I started down the trail and just happened to stumble across this downed tree’s root system.  My “80’s-geek-kid” brain took over the matrixing process and I laughed.


Skeksi Tree Root


Come on!  Doesn’t this look like the head of a Skeksi from The Dark Crystal!?!  I know, right!

Keepin’ it nerdy since the 80’s! [-_^]


Until next time…




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