License Plate Fun…Round 2



Last week I shared a funny Transformers related memory of mine with all of you.  Well, this week I just have to keep the Transformers theme going.

I mentioned in a post last year that I like looking for funny vanity plates when I’m on the road or walking through a parking lot while on my way to/from a store.  The last license plate I shared with you folks was Game of Thrones related (check that post out here).  Well, a few days ago, I went shopping with my mother and while we were at a stop light, my mother noticed the license plate of the vehicle in front of us and brought it to my attention.  I couldn’t help but laugh and scramble for my camera.

This is what we saw…


Megatron License Plate


Forgive the quality of the image.  I took this through a less than pristine windshield while in a moving car (I was the passenger so don’t worry).



Hilarious!  Again, stay nerdy, folks!


Until next time…






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