Faerie Cabin #2


Again, on another hike at Quoddy Head State Park, I stumbled across something super cute.

Along the trail popular for little faerie houses, my hiking partner pointed out a faerie house a few feet into the trees. It was simple in construction, using an existing mound of earth with a hole, but the overall look of it was pretty genius.


Faerie House

As I was heading back to the parking lot from my hike, along that same trail, I saw a family of four up ahead of me. The mother was taking a picture of the two children, a boy and a little girl, sitting on a log. As I got closer, the boy spotted me and asked “Do you like our faerie house?” I looked between where the kids were sitting, expecting a line of stones leading to a hole in the ground or some very simple structure (they were pretty young kids after all), but my expectations were exceeded.

The little house, though utilizing a hole in a log, was actually quite elaborate compared to most I see. It even had a stick chimney! You can tell some thought went into its construction.


Faerie Cabin #2

Now, I’m not sure if mom and dad had a hand in building the house (I’m pretty sure they did), but if it was just the work of the kids, I’m guessing that at least one of them will go into engineering later in life.

It was pretty awesome!


Again, keep an eye out for the Faerie Folk!



Until next time…






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